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Are you seeking a reputable, family dentist near Woodvale?

Allure Dental has experience and expertise at an our easy to access clinic. We would happy to assist you with your dental health needs!


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Woodvale General Dentistry

Discover comprehensive and competitively priced general dental treatments at Allure Dental for Woodvale General Dentistry.

Our highly skilled team excels in addressing cavity and decay issues while proficiently managing trauma and damaged teeth. Key treatment categories at our clinic near Woodvale include:

Cavity Identification and Treatment: From routine check-ups to advanced cavity and decay treatments, we catch issues early, ensuring easy resolution and preventing escalation. If you’re experiencing toothache or haven’t visited a dentist recently, schedule an appointment today to assess your dental health.

Extractions: In cases of neglected cavities and decay, serious problems may arise, potentially requiring tooth extractions. At Allure Dental, our team ensures swift, professional extractions with minimal discomfort in severe cases.

Our range of treatments for Woodvale residents extends to crowns, root canals, gum treatment, dental implants, and emergency dental services.

Call (08) 9345 4533 or conveniently book online!

Woodvale Cosmetic Dentistry

At Allure Dental, dental visits go beyond addressing cavities and toothaches. A significant focus is placed on enhancing smiles and boosting self-confidence with treatments such as:

Teeth Whitening: Brighten your smile and rejuvenate discolored teeth.

Crowns and Dental Implants: Restore damaged teeth for optimal oral health.

Veneers: Conceal pitted or uneven teeth, providing a flawless appearance.

Allure Dental Difference

We are recognized as family dentists, meaning we provide expert dental care with a distinctly personal touch.

Get to know our patients, and let our patients know us.

We prioritize excellent service over sales, understanding over upsells and unnecessary treatments, and your health over the next fashionable trend.

In other words, you and your family can trust Michael, Ian, and the team at Allure Dental!

What’s Next?

For a welcoming dental team serving the Woodvale area, reach out to us via phone or visit our Edgewater clinic today!